-As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.  (1 Peter 4:10)

God has a way of taking an expectation and completely blowing it out of the water.

We love it when He does that!

When the three of us met in college w e were in our own places spiritually, with our own ideas of what our undergrad experience would hold.  It never crossed our minds what God was about to do.

It all started with the music!

Music was the beginning of what brought us together. From Gospel Choir to college vernacular ensembles, we found ourselves continually singing with each other. In between shows and rehearsals, we gradually began building relationships with one another.

God took a mustard seed friendship and transformed it into a family, just exactly at the moment that we needed it.  He poured out His goodness on us, healing hurts and establishing a sense of family that none of us had experienced before. We grew together - personally, spiritually, and musically.

As we grew, so did our level of thankfulness for the waves of blessings crashing over us. The only natural response was to find any and every way to thank Him, and for us there was no better way to show our grattitude than to give back to Him the very thing that He gave us, the very thing that drew us together - our music and our voices.

What does this look like for us today? It looks just as it did at the onset of our revelation of the universal truth that God is good. We just want to praise Him!

God stepped into our lives at the perfect time, in the perfect way. And because He revealed Himself to us so beautifully, we can't imagine life outside of His presence.

Being in His presence is our heart's desire. His presence is our passion.

So, when people ask us what the desired outcome is for ourselves and all that worship with us,  the answer is really quite simple.

We want to encounter God!



Quashona Renee Antoine
Presenting Quashona Renee Antoine. This beauty is known as Qui Qui, Queen Qui or simply "Qui".  Also known as the lover of Snapchat faces and voice changers. She's a mother, daughter, sister, aunt, teacher, chicken wing and spaghetti lover, and part time comedian (mostly when she is sleepy).

Her appetite for shopping and natural talent for combining both current and vintage fashionable trends earned her the label "fashionista". 

Quashona is the Administrator and Vocal Coach for an amazing church in Franklin, NC, as well as a private voice and piano instructor.

Outside of her decked out office, you will often find her painting or doing hair. She also loves rapping about random things and you will always find her singing (good or bad... but mostly bad)!

Richard Lugo
Introducing Richard "Eric" Lugo (Eric isn't his middle name).

Many people call him Ricky or Rich, but his favorite is Clap Master Richard......

He is a son, brother, uncle, friend, Taboo champ, and the ONLY person who enjoys eating combinations of any and everything!

Richard holds his dream job working with troubled teens at the Methodist Home for Children, and is also an experienced iPhone photographer, capturing the life of every creeping bug that crosses his path.

When he isn't at work, you can find him in the library or studying, and when you are around him wear a rain jacket because he will "saturate" you with his beatboxing skills (whether you want him to or not). 

Julia McRae
 Meet Julia McRae, bearer of many names – JuJu, Jess, Julez, Juby (Don’t ever call her Juby).​​

She holds many titles: daughter, sister, aunt, writer, Seasoned Phase 10 Player, Aficionado of Alliteration, and Professional Dodger of Dancing Situations.

Julia earns her bread and butter as a Grant Writer and the Community Engagement Manager for her local art gallery in Highlands, NC.

When she’s not working or singing, you can find her writing or Crossfitting. And since she has no shortage of nerdy in her veins, she's probably somewhere being techy too.
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